Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let's Talk About Baggage

Vintage And Function

There's nothing like vintage baggage thats boosts personal style, and at the same time is totally 

Lately, I'm all about function and purpose. If it doesn't have one of these goes out the door! 

I'm a fond lover of vintage bags.

I own everything from vintage tool bags to tote my daily necessities to and from my remodel project,

 to a postal bag re-cycled into a flea-market bag for toting my goodies.

so I guess that means...

I come with baggage....good baggage!!

Enjoy your day!



Carol said...

Love those. I tags bags as well



The Blue Farmhouse said...

Now you're speaking my language...function and purpose. Oh and by the way I soooooooo look forward to your post!


Tante Mali said...

you're so right function and purpose - but also chic and simple beauty! Your collection is the best!!!
Have a happy time

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