Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back from Remnants of the Past...A little of this and that to post

Hi Friends! It's been awhile, but life has been very busy! Busy in a good way...I am blessed.
I have a lot of new things to share both news and my latest travels but I'll start with this post and the rest will follow!

Last weekend I attended The Remnants of the Past Show in San Louis Obispo. Judy Watkins puts on such a gorgeous and well organized show for all.  As a VENDOR it was my FIRST SHOW EVER!! I was so pleased to be invited as a vendor, I was nervous and intimidated but I survived. It was a great success, but more than that, I met such wonderful vendors and shoppers!! I thought I would just post a plethora of pictures with very little words....just for your visual pleasure!

This is a picture of me in front of my booth at the show.... my space was outside!

This first set of photos below are of my space.....

In my booth on top of a table you can see a custom Wingback chair.  I had upholstered in all Authentic 100 year old French grain sack fabric with hand hammered nail heads! It was a hit...lots of oooohs and aaaahs! Not only beautifully upholstered but comfortable too!
Above on the left is another set line chair I have available which is a Union Jack Wingback chair custom made with all Authentic vintage repurposed and reclaimed canvas fabric. It's quality and "Made in America" which I LOVE!!

A driftwood crucifix was the center of my entrance vignette....
We sold a ton of things and you know what that means....MORE TREASURE HUNTING!!

Now...for a few of my welcoming neighbors!
The Vintage Bricoleur was across from me and had such a beautiful space! 

Another vignette of The Vintage Bricoleur, besides having a awesome view of their space, they were so warm and welcoming for our first show as vendors! 
Another vignette ......loved the birdbath!!

This is a snapshot of Terry of The Vintage Bricoleur and myself after the show was over and during the tear down. I look dead tired but I still love the photo of my much enjoyed weekend with my neighbor, Terry! 

ABOVE starts the pictures of Atelier de Campagne's space...they were our other neighbor! Beauty everywhere....I would have taken one of everything!! My husband bought me a treasure from their booth as a token of my first vendor sweet. It is a old cement boy statuary.....I love it.

My third neighbor was Karen Chambers of L.A. Junk Antiques! Karen is on the left and her helper is on the right....her booth was inviting and wonderful. 

 One of L.A. Junks displays had these clever and darling old egg crate separators and they sold quickly! Love all the favorite!

 More .....

So glad we here neighbors.... be sure to check out Karen on Facebook and hit the "like" button!

I wish I had taken the time to take more pictures but being a new vendor, I was a little overwhelmed with everything else. I couldn't leave my husband stranded in the booth! Now that I have one show under my belt, next time there will be more pictures, more wine, more shopping and definitely more socializing. I had a wonderful time!!

I've promised myself to be better at blogging more often, so hang in there with me....there's more to come!
Thanks for stopping by.....