Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Home in Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine and Thank You's

Hello Friends!
I hope you this finds you having a good day!

I thought I would share today something I never dreamed I'd be sharing ...
our home in latest Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine 2nd edition 2012!

I  had little encouragement...ok, well a lot of encouragement,
by my friends Fifi O'Neill and Lu Tapp.
They convinced me to have our home photographed, even though I kept saying...
but I need to change this....
and I want to change that!

I change things in the house like I change the sheets on the beds....often!!
My husband claims you don't dare blunder around in the dark...
you may kill yourself falling over something that was't there yesterday!

Anyway, a big thank you to Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine! 
I'm honored to be in such a beautiful publication.

Another big thank you to Dusty Lu, the photographer and also friend.
She does amazing work!!

A lastly to the darling and Lovely stylist and one who makes everything happen, Fifi O'Neill or also known as Chez Fifi, she is such an amazing pleasure!!


Here are a few beautiful places where you can purchase the magazine...

Jeanne d'Arc Living - Atelier de Campagne



I do appreciate each and every one of you and love to hear your comments!
Thank you all for stopping by to say hello :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New French and Fun Finds...

Thank you for visiting! I thought I would share some recent finds today.

I find myself really looking for hard to find,  more rare and unusual items.
 But, let's be serious, I can't pass up a good/great deal either!

This is a very tall and multi-colored French wicker basket. 
French AND unusual!

Another find is this French Champagne basket....LOvE this!
It's in wonderful condition and HARD to FIND!

I added to my stack of French baskets to make a little side table by my sofa in the living room.
Great storage....they hold my paperwork/bills when they come in,
before they get paid and filed into file boxes.

How about this giant French harvest basket? 
Very Unusual...my first one!

This was a fun find...
A pull down set of maps from an old school house!
Great condition....

A pair of Cool blue 1930's deco chairs!
Rare design on the back of these garden chairs...fun find!

And last...this adjustable, two tone dress form!
I have a hard time passing these up, even if I have several in stock!
But she is TINY WAISTED...darling and desirable!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ciao for now....