Friday, November 4, 2011

French at Home

Today I was reading someone's blog about "what's your decorating style", which prompted  me to think hmmmm....what's mine? I don't really know what it's called but I like a lot of white, Ralph Lauren Polo style, Earnest Hemingway, Beach Cottage, British Colonial and French farmhouse all mooshed together in one!! What's that called..... home!!

I walked around and snapped some photos that I thought I would share. Today I'm sharing mainly   french and farmhouse..... with a few bits and pieces of the others mixed in (that's a whole other post).

One of my favorite pieces in our home is an old iron clock face salvaged from a bell tower in France.
It's about 5 1/2 feet  in diameter and seriously heavy, 
but we managed to hang it on the wall that's open to our dining room. 

This is our dining room French chandelier, with Ralph Lauren wallcovering in the background.

Our kitchen cabinets have mainly french baskets of sorts and 19th century demijohns sitting on top....

A few more cabinet top items are a x-large french wire basket and a wine demijohn in an iron basket.

Here are more farm gathering and laundry baskets with a wire one (not french) slipped in!
They warm up the all white kitchen, but staying with all baskets and wicker keeps it simple.

An old french bottle drying rack holds our coffee cups.

This is a unique french wire bottle carrier holding our everyday staples of hotel flatware, napkins and wine.

This is an old french glass mold planted with succulents for our sunny kitchen window sill. Succulents are great because nothing else can survive..... it gets cooked!

An antique market scale holds this old french vinegar bottle that's untapped!

A small french wine bottle also sits on the scale.

Here is another old but single french bamboo peg to hold my linen kitchen towel.

This white homespun linen towel is a favorite with a monogram in chocolate brown! I bought this years ago from Danielle and Eric at Euro-Linens, they have incredible linens and pillows check them out here!

A french ironstone piece holds my coarse salt on the range top.

A french mustard jar is full of honey handy for use.

Here is a french bread board used as a plateau, but handy for bread when necessary! I kind of hoarded these boards for a while but then sold them off keeping only a few favorites. I just LOve them..... they are getting harder to find!

The powder bath has a french crystal chandelier that I found at the Santa Monica flea market 15 years ago and still LOve!

A french bamboo towel rack is ready for bath towels.

A small bamboo rack for hand towels is hung by the sink in the same powder room.

A french iron bistro table sits on the courtyard patio.

Here is a wine barrel stamped France with the vintage and Winery, now planted with my Pink Lady apple tree.

A tower of french baskets sits in my master bedroom, a great place to store extra bed linens and pillows.

Another french basket full of cozy blankets is in the family room with the doggie bed on top.

 A vintage french canvas down filled pillow rests the family room chair that everyone fights for!

Another picture of the simple grain sack doggie bed.

A large french wine bottle sits on the family room stone fireplace hearth next to the leather chair.

An old iron wall sink found in Belgium holds some dried hydrangeas.

A 19th century marble top cabinet sits in my entry way, it feels both farmy and french!

Also French, a pair of cement urns grace my fireplace mantle in the living room.

and last .....
A Louis Philippe mirror in the entry way hangs above the cabinet. I bought it from my friends at 
Atelier De Campagne, a very talented and creative trio. 
I thank them for finding it, I treasure it in my home!

Ok, I think this post needs a part two......this isn't the end of pictures but it's the end of a too long post!
 Part Two of French at Home coming soon....

I hope you found some inspiration or something you enjoyed,
I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Debra