Thursday, December 8, 2011

French at Home ....Part Two

I know it's been a while.... a month since my last blog! Wow, time is flying with the holidays! I wanted to follow through on the part two of French at Home.....
 so here are a few more pictures of "French" throughout our home.

Above is one of my favorite dress forms...French of course! I have all sorts of them in my home from Victorian wire, papier mache, Wolf, etc. and I LOVE them all....their my girls!! That could be a whole other blog post....

a mirror in our living room....

Here is the same mirror with two very heavy antique french cement pots filled with fresh ornamental oregano.....

The sofa in the same room, antique french style, down filled and covered in white linen.

This medical cabinet is NOT French but holds our quilts, french linen sheets, and Marsielles.
French word, matelassé means “quilted,” “padded,” or “cushioned,” and in regards to fabric, refers to hand-quilted textiles. It is meant to mimic the style of hand-stitched Marseilles type quilts made in ProvenceFrance. Matelassé fabric can be either hand-stitched to create the decorative features of the fabric, or woven on a jacquard loom for the appearance of quilting. Matelassé fabric is a heavy, thick textile that appears to be padded, but actually has no padding within the fabric.

An old pair of French shutters hanging in our living room....the hardware is crusty and wonderful.

A french bathtub filled with a french white linen, slipcoved and down filled doggie bed topped with a cozy blanket for our Yorkie, Tyson! He is oblivious, spoiled and loves loves loves his bed.

An x-large demijohn filled with just a few curly twigs.

This is a lovely french wooden rosary hanging on another French form.

....more shutters.

A bottle carrier from France handy on the kitchen counter with my boys favorite of French Market sparkling lemonade from Trader Joe''s delicious!

A one of a kind egg basket from France because of it's incredible patina. 
It's chippy, crackled paint is so amazing I just have to keep it even if it's only for a while.....

I added this old white farm ladder with rusted metal hardware to our dining room.
It's holding more matlesse's for the dining table. 

A pair of old moss riddled cement birds slavaged from France sits on a farm table. They probably at one time graced a cement wall or pylaster. 

A 19th century French server set up as our bar.

This is the cognac bottle dated 1872 repurposed into a lamp pictured above.

Another beautiful cognac bottle on the bar.....

This handsome guy is sitting atop a french cupboard that didn't make the picture!

A must have......The Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine set in a old weathered feed trough.

A antique dough trough discovered in France holding simple jars with candles soon to be filled with x-mas greenery. I love it's gray weathered patina! I have another at the store and it's lined with zinc.

I hope you found some inspiration or something you enjoyed,
I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy, happy holiday off to do more decorating!