Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Recent Find Medical Cabinet, Hotel Silver and Natures Gifts!

I found this original white painted medical cabinet at The Remnants of the Past show in San Louis Obispo. It was an amazing show filled with talented kind vendors selling treasures!!  
I love medical cabinets and this one is no exception!
It's paint was yellow and dingy dirty but I knew there was a chippy beauty underneath! I did a test spot, with one of my favorite cleaners ZEP Industrial Purple Cleaner, on the old oil based paint. After spaying the cleaner on, the dirt and yellow just dripped down the cabinet exposing the crackly white underneath....perfect! All clean and smells great.....

I decided to start filling it with hotel silver which was kind of dispersed all over the house. This is a heavy food dome from the Greenbrier Hotel founded in 1778.

These are individual salt and pepper sets used for hotel room or table service. LOve these!! I leave them a little unpolished,

 I like the older patina on some pieces.....

I love natural whether it be fabrics, paints colors or elements I find. It must be the outdoor farm girl upbringing. I can't go for a walk without coming home with something in my pocket... a pod, berries, an acorn or a dead carcass!!

A small hotel teapot.....I love when pieces are embellished with crests or the Hotel name.

Holiday time we break out the sterling and antler/horn cutlery set.....

more stuff in the cabinet.....
Hotel flatware and antler serving forks.....great for hordourves!

More nature....salvaged wasp nests served up on a dome covered hotel cake stand!

This is a tiny little hummingbird nest saved from the creeping fig on my front entryway. It's filled with dryer lint and is the size of a fifty cent piece...teeny!

Yes...this is a sweet little baby hummingbird who perished in his nest outside my front door!I found him as is while trimming and gave him a  safe resting place in my cabinet :(

A bleached turtle shell...perfect for me the white lover.

 A gorgeous piece of razor sharp coral....

....more nests, antler sheds and crusty ocean floats.

....beautiful preserved moths and butterflies

I bought these white berries from sweet creative Theresa of Garden Vintage Antiques.  It was years ago at Zapp Hall in Warrenton, Texas and I still love them! She had bunches of them and they reminded me of bittersweet but WHITE! Visit her here, I have purchased some of my all time favorite finds from her that are in my home. 

I little skull my son and I found hiking on the trails behind our house....maybe a baby coyote?

a Canadian Rock Ptarmigan taxidermy bird...keeping watch!

And last but not least....guess who else likes hotel silver? 

Only when its filled with fresh scrambled eggs or kibble!

or fresh water.....yes, spoiled rotten and loving it!

When I bought the piece I didn't know where in the world I had space to put it, but I knew I wanted to find a spot somewhere. With a little juggling, it fit right into this niche ...... :) 

The only thing I regret about the ROTP show was that I didn't have more time to talk with new FB friends, bloggers and vendors but they were so busy selling! That's a beautiful thing.....
I did see my friend and photographer Dusty Lu, and I met Maria of the beautiful Dreamy Whites blog which I so admire! These two are such great photographers I shutter when I post my pictures.....still learning :)

Thanks for stopping by~Debra


Kelly said...

I love your new (old) cabinet and can't believe how lucky you were to get it so clean. It sounded like it was awful when you first got it! Love all your natural items displayed with the silver. I'm not so sure about the little hummingbird though. Won't it continue to decay? It's definitely neat to look at though. You have quite a mix of interesting finds. Your little doggie is sweet too. He reminds me of my sisters dog.

AntiqueChase said...

Love the cabinet and all your relics found inside... and the silver dome is my favorite!! Are you going a little lighter with your interior?? some of the glimpses I get of the backgrounds look like maybe you are... I think I need another invite over to your house!! :) Marcy

Debra Hall said...

You know me Marc....always changing and the answer is yes on back with more white! I missed it....Give me a ringy dingy, come on over and I'll make us a spot of tea, lol! lovin that dome too :)

Rachel Pallas said...

LOVE your cabinet~Your home looks beautiful~would love to see more photos of your home~ RIP baby bird.. xo Rachel

DustyLu said...

Ok! I LOVE this post! So much eye candy, its amazing! Keep it coming girl! Gorgeous images and your doing a wonderful job! Simply beautiful! Thanks for linking me sister! Big hugs lulu

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey you, I was just going to leave you comment and saw my name, you are so sweet. The cabinet is awesome!

Ormolulu said...

I'm gonna try that Zep product, Debra--thanks for the info! I have a medical cabinet that could use a good cleaning too! LOVE, love, love this post!!!!! Thanks for stopping by Ormolulu. (Left you a comment there also.) Hope to see you again in June at ROTP!!! xoxo from Bellingham Bay,


Deserae said...

Love all the natural elements mixed with the silver in your pharmacy cabinet .....just gorgeous!! I have never seen a bleached tortoise shell before! Do you know how that is done? I am just DYING to see more pics of your home....please post more....SOON!!!!! So glad I found your blog :o)

Deserae said...

Oops! I forgot to say your little poochie is soooooo cute! He reminds me so much of my Teddy who is very well loved :o)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love this cabinet and all the silver mixed with natural items. I agree with my sister that the hummingbird is a little strange.

Becky C said...

Hey Debra, I love your gorgeous medical cabinet. The silver and nature items together make a stunning display. I adore everything you do...such inspiration here. I also love Thereasa :)
And your little dog with the bowl is just too cute
Have a lovely day

time worn interiors said...

Hello Debra! I am so excited! Where have I been, I didn't know you had a new blog! But thank goodness I just found it! yeah!

Adding you to my side bar. I tried to add myself as a follower, but it wouldn't let me. I'll try later!


LittleMissMaggie said...

Hi Debra, I love your hotel silver collection. What great finds.

Konstantina said...

Beautiful inspirations Debra, thanks for sharing. Loved your blog and I follow you. I am looking forward for your new posts.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Debra, I love the cabinet and the hotel silver. All the natural elements you have included are fabulous.

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Love that old cabinet! I would definitely find a place in my home for this beautiful find. The entire post is beautiful. Would love to receive information on future showings in this area. It's not far from where I live.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

OMG I sooooooooo love that cabinet, I am seriously jealous in fact!

It is perfect and I love how you placed it.

I love your hotel silver pieces.

The dead stuff, not quite as much, haha - love love love that cabinet!

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