Monday, October 10, 2011

My Chicken Clara Belle and Remnants of the Past Show

Hello Friends!!
Hope you all had a great weekend.
I thought I would share some of my purchases from the "Remnants of the Past Show" on my blog this week. I attended the show this last weekend in San Louis Obispo, CA. and made it a two day shopping weekend! It is voted #1 show in the country and was it ever fantastic! We saw lots of friends, met new friends and met fellow bloggers.  We shopped all the way up to Cambria and all the way back was so fun!

This is picture of my first purchase, Clara Belle, the taxidermy hen.  When I entered the show, she was in the very first booth I visited  The Vintage Bricoleur!
 I knew if I passed her up she wouldn't be there long,  things were being snatched up quickly.
After arriving home, I walked her in hand into my house and gently set her a top my french metal medical cabinet in the kitchen to keep her safe. 

I think she just may have found her new resting/nesting place!!
Although, someone on Facebook suggested that I cover her eyes when I make fried chicken!
If you haven't already....visit this wonderful blog, Terry and her husband are such a sweet couple with amazing style and finds! I'm a new follower of hers and so glad I found her...

Stay tuned and I will post more weekend purchases.....


Rachel Pallas said...

Clara Belle looks perfect in your new nesting spot~ I can't wait to see more of your finds!! Hugs, Rachel

Kelly said...

Oh I love your new hen! Can't wait to see what else you bought. I love seeing where you use things too. I have a giveaway going on today on my blog. Go check it out!

the vintage bricoleur said...

Debra, It was so nice to meet you in person! I am glad that Clara Belle has found a good home. Thank you for the link back. I plan on doing a post about the famous hen also. Thanks again for visiting us at the show. It was a wonderful time of selling, meeting new friends and old ones, being inspired, buying a few treasures and the list goes on. Have a good day! Terry

Ormolulu said...

Hi Debra! Thanks for dropping our booth to introduce yourself . . . wonderful to meet you in person! Wasn't ROTP just FABULOUS?! My only regret was that I didn't have enough time available to photograph and SHOP!! I can't wait to participate again!

Love your little hen . . . I have two little hens also! We do love the same things, don't we?!

Hugs from Bellingham, Washington . . . we're finally home again!

xo Debi

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Hi Debra,

I only joined today- tried earlier but GFC wasn't working.
Anyway, I love your blog and I certainly love Clara Belle, so I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award.
Come by and take a look when you can!

Ironstone and Pine said...

Hi Debra, just found your pretty blog via the Versatile Blogger award from Tina (i got one hopping around for inspiration!) I am going to follow you, really like your taste and style. I hope you'll come visit my blog Ironstone and Pine if you get a chance, we have similar tastes, I think! :) devon