Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September...And Thinking About Fall

While driving my son to school at 7:30 this morning and it was already close to 90 degrees, I found my self thinking about fall!

When I got home, I started picking up around the house and thinking about all the things I love that the season brings!

I grabbed my coffee cup and went out to the shed to find the fur collars I've been collecting and saving up! Inspired, I wrapped it around one my french dress forms and threw on some vintage strands of pearls! Yup, it's time to take these to the store.....

and a fall-ish vintage alligator handbag to coordinate....
Fall means boot time....
check out these vintage mens leather Frye boots and...
vintage women's cowboy boots

 I found both pair this last week out junkin', score!!

I love vintage taxidermy in my home all year long

....but especially come fall and winter and in my store displays too! This is a Canadian Willow Ptarmigan who's feathers are white after molting in the summer. If it's white taxidermy and beautiful, there's a good chance it never makes it into the store! That's one thing my hubby never minds me keeping :)
I found these dried little pom pom flowers along the side of the road while driving with my girlfriend on Pacific coast highway! I think they are darling and the price was right....FREE!

Another freebee..... dried Crepe Myrtle twigs with berries in baskets.

I have fall thoughts of burning candles on our coffee table.....
these candles found their home in an old weathered feed trough.

 ......I'm all stock up on firewood, just waiting for cool evenings to curl up on the sofa with a fire!
Fall makes me think of bare trees and bare branches. I was on a buying trip in Texas and brought these beautiful moss and lichen covered branches home, they ended up in my dining room in an old wooden farm bucket!
Every spring and fall show that I attend, it's a "must" that we save room in the truck for a few of these beauties!! The colors are amazing and great for low maintenance displays.
..... fall reminds me of warm bowls of oatmeal with dried cranberries and brown sugar!
it just doesn't sound as good as a cold fruit smoothie when it is now a 100 degrees outside!

Cooler weather will be here soon....I can't wait!
Have a wonderful week!


Kelly said...

I'm so glad to see you've started blogging again! I recently found you again and have enjoyed your new posts. It was very chilly here in GA today due to the rain. It was a nice relief from the sweltering humid heat we've battled all summer! Your "Fall" post sure sounds comforting. I am in the midst of starting my first blog. I'll let you know when it's established. Looking forward to your future posts.

Debra Hall said...

Thank you Kelly for stopping by and leaving kind words. When you start blogging, it's so encouraging to see a comment posted! You be sure and let me know when you are up and running and I will be there to leave one on your first post, OK? Let me know if I can help, i'm no expert but know a little...
cheers :)

Gracie's Cottage said...

Love all the textures, (well, 'cept maybe the taxidermy). My high school boyfriend was an aspiring taxidermist and gave me a flying duck for my birthday. I never got over it.


Debra Hall said...

I'm sorry but that is hilarious.....lol!