Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vintage Salvage Jewelry, Religious Relics and Military Medals

I love jewelry of all kinds but I am drawn to the charm of vintage pieces.
These are made by a local California artisan and will soon be listed on my online shop! This first necklace is made from a vintage chain, salvage pearls and a re-purposed WW2 military medal. 
Often these medals were awarded for special services or actions.
This second one is made from a vintage embellished chain with sterling silver religious medals and a crucifix.
This one is cleverly made with two clasps, so it can be doubled and worn as a bracelet also. 

I think there is something special about wearing pieces that have a history.
 If only the medals could speak of the collars or uniforms they adorned or the rosary pieces could talk of the hands that held them.....
Each necklace is one of a kind.... soon there will be more to come!
Have a wonderful week!


trash talk said...

This is gorgeous. So glad I "found" you again.

kathee said...

Debra, I love these! So gorgeous and you are so right if they could talk...omg the history! Is the second one for sale? Nice seeing you today! Talk to you soon...xokathee

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